Palter DeLiso
  • Project: Palter DeLiso
  • Client: Lauren Bruksch and Taz Saunders
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Originally established in 1927, Palter DeLiso is a heritage footwear and accessories brand. Considered a pioneer in the American luxury fashion market and credited with the invention of the first peep-toe slingback pump in 1938, Palter DeLiso was well known as one of the premier footwear brands throughout the 1960s. Lauren Bruksch and Taz Saunders, today’s Palter DeLiso co-founders have brought the brand back to life with modern, luxurious interpretations of classic silhouettes for today’s women. Branding included the logo identity, signature patterns, shoe last and sole stamp, lookbook, stationery, shoe packaging, e-commerce website design and LA store wallpaper and signage.